Airline Support And Maintenance Systems


The company is staffed by project engineers supported by mechanical, structural and Airline electronic workshops Engineers. Project engineers are responsible for management, implementation and integration of the project. We offers a complete range of aircraft support equipment.

Our team of highly skilled project engineers, supported by experienced specialists in mechanical, structural, and airline electronic workshops, brings unparalleled expertise to every project. We take pride in our comprehensive management, implementation, and integration capabilities, ensuring seamless delivery of any aircraft support equipment solution. From ground handling and maintenance equipment to the latest safety technology, we offer a vast range of options to meet the diverse needs of airlines around the globe. Our commitment to customization ensures each solution perfectly fits your specific operational requirements. We have a proven track record of success, as evidenced by satisfied clients and numerous successful project collaborations. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and comprehensive range of aircraft support equipment can elevate your operations to new heights.


Hangar doors – fabric and horizontal

Special purpose overhead cranes

Cable reels

Aircraft docking systems

Explosion proof cranes and lifting equipment

Preconditioned air systems

Jacking systems


400 Hz powered systems


Engine trailers


Hangar Doors (STEEL)

Sam Technology Airline design manufacture and install travelling door systems. The activity commenced in the 1950’s when door systems were supplied to Qantas for the B707 hangers. Since then door systems have been supplied to most hangers in Australia, ship yards, painting sheds and mining vehicle maintenance workshops. Working with the building designers and architects were able to provide the best design for the project.

Hangar Doors include:

  • Horizontal travelling doors for defence and commercial airlines
  • Doors for large fabrication workshops
  • Radial doors which park at the side of a building saving building area
  • Automatic doors either controlled remotely or having various degrees of automation and safety


Hangar Fabric Doors

Developments of new technologies associated with agricultural, mining and aircraft can require architects to specify a door which which operates vertically. This design concept is manufactured from a fabric coloured to suite architectural features of the building. The Hoist up fabric door is unlimited in size. Doors are supplied to meet the project requirements. They are manufactured from aluminum and PVC, and they are lightweight suitable for the use in aggressive corrosive environments and extreme weather conditions. The fabric door is resistant to wind, salt temperature changes and they are protected from sand, mold and dust. In some cases it is recommend to divide large openings into several opening using millions or reusable pylons.


Aircraft Docking Systems

Our docking systems are destined for commercial airlines and airforce. Each system is customised for a specific application.

Docking include:

  • Mobile docks for servicing engines and underbelly
  • Nose docks
  • Wing and undercarriage
  • Vertical stabiliser
  • Horizontal stabiliser

Designed in accordance with the clients requirements developed during design review meetings.


Teleplatforms and General Purpose Cranes

The teleplatform is an overhead traveling bridge that has a telescopic mast incorporated into it. The telescopic mast is raised and lowered by the hoist unit. Attached to the bottom section of the telescopic mast is the work platform. In cases where the total width of the hangar is to be serviced, smaller bridges can be locked together. In cases where bridges are locked together, one hoist is used to travel upon both locked systems. Controls are either manual or automatic when bridges are unlocked or locked together.

General purpose cranes with special lifting attachments can also be designed for the removal of ailerons, tailfins, and motors. Spans and bridge combinations are designed to suit hangar operational requirements. 


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