Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

In Australia, SAM Technology is a leading company in the making of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems – Proving that it’s possible to adapt to the needs of our clients while delivering 100% cost-efficient and trusted equipment.

Our deep knowledge in the market and the tasks performed daily in businesses we assist enables us to guarantee a top quality way to increase productivity by using the right equipment correctly.

Part of our support is training your employers so they can squeeze all the potential out of them.

Automated storage & retrieval systems are definite warehouse solutions.

Knowing that storage and retrieval of materials are the two major activities performed in many industries.

Especially the ones dedicated to extract bulk minerals and other subterranean materials.

In order to increase warehouse efficiency, it is important to include automated storage & retrieval systems to the equipment used.

Maximising available space for storage as well as existing structures is one of the improvements offered by these systems

Constant technological advances are always pushing equipment’s standard.

That’s the reason our automated storage and retrieval systems are created while keeping in mind future needs for upgrades.

Automated storage and retrieval systems also reduces energy consumption, labour and damage costs; saving businesses a lot of money, becoming a very cost-effective acquisition for any warehouse.

Our experience in the field of automated storage and retrieval systems allow us to develop top quality equipment and support all kinds of industry that require storage and retrieval of materials.

If you need a customised system, you can sit with our team of expert engineers and designers and let them know the needs you want this new machine to cover.

In order to assure the exploitation of all the potential automated storage and retrieval systems have to offer, we also provide timely support and assistance to clients.

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