Crane & Winch Components

Crane and Winch Components

Sam Technology offer a range of accessories which are designed into the lifting equipment assembly. Crane and Winch Components Equipment is either supplied from specialist companies with which Sam Technology has long-standing relationships or has been developed over past years by Sam Technology Engineers as a result of our clients special requests.

Lifting Attachments

Container Spreaders

Load Control

End Carriages


Emergency Hydraulic Disc Calipers

Rope Drums


Brakes & Braking Systems


Cabins & Seats

Radio Control

Wire Rope Hoists


Lifting Attachments

We offer a range of standard lifting systems and also design and manufacture special purpose attachments. Sam Technology (Crane and Winch Components) have supplied specialised lifting attachments to the aluminum industry.

These include furnace wall scrapers, furnace wall lifters, block lifters and anode grabs.

Special purpose lifting magnet systems (Crane and Winch Components) are designed to suit client specific requirements.

Crane and Winch Components To lift non ferrous materials such as paper, wallboard and aluminium we offer vacuum lifts and special tongs.


  • Aluminium Anode Grabs
  • Aluminium Flue Wall Cleaner
  • Vacuum Lifts
  • Coil Tongs
  • Aluminium Flue Wall Straightener
  • Hook & Blocks
  • Magnets (Scrap, Billet, Coil)
  • Spreader Beams



Our range of flexible and solid coupling (Crane and Winch Components) provides a cost effective, high strength shaft to shaft connection for a variety of applications. The couplings offer a high bending moment, infinite adjustability and zero backlash. Brake systems (Crane and Winch Components) with disc brake couplings are also supplied. Our engineering department is able to design complete drive assemblies which incorporate rotating machines, brakes and couplings.


  • Rigid & Gearflex
  • Cone Ring
  • Disc Brake Flexible
  • Tonoflex Rope Drum


Cabins & Seats

Sam Technology is proud to represent the Merford range of crane cabins and seats in Australia (Crane and Winch Components). We work closely with the client to design cabins for cranes (Crane and Winch Components) used for the shipping, steel and aluminum industries. The cabins are made from mild or stainless steel and they are renowned for their strength, rigidity and corrosion protection. Cabin (Crane and Winch Components) is purpose wired to the operator’s seat. Cabins are designed for maximum vision for the operator. Cabins fitted to cranes operating over furnaces have special 50mm thick anti blast glass fitted. The cabin (Crane and Winch Components) seat is a specially designed seat that provides upper body support having a large range of adjustments.


  • Cabins
  • Cabin Seats



The Stinis range of container spreaders is offered by Sam Technology (Crane and Winch Components).

A leading manufacturer producing more than 50 different types of spreaders, lifting frames and special purpose designs at short notice. Stinis produces all engineering drawings according to international design codes (DIN, FEM, ASME) Stinis use CAD-techniques and other IT applications.

The major structural components (Crane and Winch Components) are produced to the highest quality standards at the Stinis manufacturing plant. Most components are produced to Stinis specifi cations. All components are assembled in a large assembling hall, where every product is thoroughly checked and tested before shipment to the customer (Crane and Winch Components).

Stinis has developed a wide range of container spreaders and cargo lifting equipment. In general there are 6 major product types which can be supplied. Stinis being a proactive company can produce special purpose designs at short notice.


  • Overheight
  • Autotwiest
  • Rotators
  • Special Lashing Baskets

Spreaders for empty container handling.

Telescoping top lifting spreaders.

Based on a modular design this spreader concept is available for the entire range of handling equipment required in container terminals.

LONG-TWIN spreaders.

This recent innovative (and patented) design increases gantry crane productivity by 20-25%. These LONGTWIN Spreaders expand the 20ft containers separately up to a distance of 1.6 meters from each other. This is advantageous for handling operations (positioning on hatches, seal checking on the dock, easy positioning for yard handling equipment).

Accessory equipment for container handling.

A variety of accessory equipment required by terminal operators in their day-to-day operations. Telescoping over height / over wide adapter frames for gantry cranes and yard handling equipment, safety cages for lashing activities (fi xed or telescoping), safety cages and heavy lift frames.



We offer the Antec range of hydraulic disc calipers, these are used for various applications: such as; winches, and conveyor drives.


  • Winches
  • Conveyor Drives



Sam Technology still service the Schmidt & Muller shoe brake designs which have been supplied to the market for the past 60 years.

Sam Technology also distributes shoe and disc brakes for cranes, winches, and mining equipment. Antec have been a major supplier of disc brakes to the Wind Turbine industry. Spare parts for wind turbine brakes are available from Sam Technology


  • Thrustor
  • Disc, Shoe & Drum
  • Thrustor Brakes
  • Electromechanical



Radio control systems are supplied as stand alone or integrated into larger systems.

Supplied as a pendant with push buttons or belt mounted with joy sticks. Sam Technology was the first company to introduce Radio Control to the Australian market and we have considerable experience integrating systems.


  • Handheld Push Button
  • Belt Mounted
  • Console Box



Incosa offers a full range of CE approved load cells for hoisting and winching equipment. All types are available with standard mV output, amplifi ed 4-20 mA output or CAN-open connection.

The load cells on cable are very easy to install near the fi xed point of the hoist with no extra mechanical modifi cations. These load cells can be used for capacities from 500kg to 20,000kg with clamps available for a large range of cable diameters. Capacity per fall and the cable diameter are required parameters. Traction load cells can also be mounted with shackles at the fixed point of the hoist. The signal is independent of the cable so cable changes have no influence on the signal. The capacities are between 500kg to 15000 kg.

High precision load pins for load limiting and load indication on hoisting equipment. These high precision load pins can be mounted at the fixed point or the return pulley without any loss of height. Capacity, diameter, and length are necessary parameters to quote the load pins.


  • Load Cells on Cables
  • Traction
  • Annular
  • Load Pins



Sam Technology Engineers manufacture single and multi layer rope drums to client specifi cations. We also refurbish worn rope drums. The machine shop has installed a new CNC lathe to machine drums up to 2 meters diameter and 6 meters long. Total job piece capacity is 10 meters long x 2.3 meters diameter weighing 20 ton. Drums offered within this capacity are turned not milled.


  • Winches
  • Cranes



Sam Technology offer a range of fabricated, solid and cast sheaves. The range includes designs to suit different applications for cranes, ship loaders/ unloaders, stackers/ reclaimers, mine winders, conveyors and ship lifts. Sheaves are designed and manufactured to the client’s specify requirements. Sam Technology have manufactured sheaves in excess of 3 meters diameter. Sheaves can be supplied with type flame-hardened or polymer grooves and assembled with bearing labyrinth covers, seals and axles.


  • Sheaves



A range of standard wire rope hoists is available.

The range of hoists can be supplied under request. Sam Technology has in-house design capacity to design and manufacture special purpose hoists and crane crabs.


  • Single & Double Girder Gantry
  • Semi-portal & Portal Gantry



We offer standard end carriages and wheel boxes. Our in-house engineers design special purpose wheel drives, end carriages, bogies and equalisers. These are manufactured at our Sydney workshop for cranes, shiploaders, stackers, reclaimers and trippers


  • Single & Double Girder Gantry
  • Semi-portal & Portal Gantry


Consulting Engineering Sevices

We offer a wide range of consulting engineering services, including:

  • Aircraft hangars including maintenance equipment
  • Rail workshops
  • Lifting system accreditation
  • Factory and warehouse layouts and planning
  • Warehouse management systems

Projects often require in-depth analysis and research to determine the optimum design to fit a client’s operational requirements. Our team of qualified and highly experienced consultants and solution engineers provide the knowledge to assist with the detailed design and preparation of the project brief. This ensures a more successful outcome for your project, no matter how simple or complex the task may be.


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