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Progression System and Shunting Systems

Wire Rope

Engineered Equipment Designed as a single or double-rail winching system. The Engineered Equipment towing capacity of these systems varies between 350 and 2000 tons. A winching Engineered Equipment system tows the trolley or rabbit which makes contact with the flange or the tread of the wagon wheel. The system is designed to either index a rake or individual wagons. The towing length, weight, and speed depend upon the customer’s specifications. These systems normally tow freight wagons to jacking stations in workshops and passenger cars through work plants or onto jacking platforms. They can also be used in shunting yard applications.

Chain Towing Systems

Sam Technology provides systems that either attach to the bogie frame or to the coupling. The bogie tow system comprises a chain or tow rope winching system. The chain attached to the rope provides the towing force for the wagon. The chain is attached to the leading bogie which is progressed to the required position within the workshop. Sam Technology also provides a system that tows the rake of wagons at the coupling. This system comprises a trolley that travels on 2 rails, a double gypsy winch, and a pivoting arm that makes contact with the coupling. The system can be programmed to index wagons under wireless control automatically or from a control station.

Rack and Pinion

Sam Technology also offers a rack and pinion system which tows a rake of wagons from the coupling between the leading and following wagon. A trolley traveling on 4 wheels is fitted with two travel drives. The output shaft of each drive is fitted with a pinion meshing with the rack which is secured to the rails on which the trolley travels. The length of travel of the coupling arm depends on the indexing travel required. The trolley indexes and when in position lowers the towing arm to the coupling and then the wagons are indexed to the desired position.
  • Wire Rope
  • Chain
  • Rack and Pinion


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