Mainline Equipment

01 Mainline Equipment

Track Measuring Equipment

  • Electronic Track Guages
  • Portable Instruments
Digital portable equipment which measures and stores dimensional information includes:
  • Track Turnouts Against Tolerances
  • Track Geometry
  • Turnout Profiles
  • Rail Head Profiles

02 Mainline Equipment

Rail Welding Equipment

Sam technology offers Nencki processing machines for rail welding plants. The range includes the machinery and equipment for before and after the welding process. This includes a brushing machine, grinding machine, 4 way straightening press, and test press for welded joints. Sam technology engineers design rail handling and lifting systems, this includes conveyors and hoists fitted with clamping devices for handling long rail lengths.

  • Flash butt welding
  • Rail grinding NRG
  • Turnout Profiles
  • Rail straightening NRS 4
  • Rail end brushing NRB
  • Rail test press NRT
  • Rail grinding NRG
  • Rail foot milling NRM
  • Rail cooling NRC
  • Rail inspection NRI


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