Overhead Gantry Crane

Overhead Gantry Crane

Overhead gantry cranes have become a trend among industrial tools that optimise day-to-day work at warehouses and industries. Here at SAM Technology, we provide clients with overhead  and gantry cranes that can carry large and heavy loads. Taking advantage of all the misused space materials have above them. Overhead and gantry cranes are very popular in metal fabrication and manufacture because these equipment take advantage of their capability of travelling in both directions.

Overhead gantry cranes are way less expensive than overhead cranes, the first ones connected to wheels or tracks and have steel legs to support their bridges, the other ones are completely installed in the space over workers’ heads. They are the best option for businesses which tasks are carried out in the same area and don’t require materials to be moved around so much.

We team up with you in order to design the best equipment for the daily tasks carried out in your business, we want to give you the right overhead gantry cranes that satisfy your current needs while leaving space for upgrades in the future. Systems such as this one will save you a lot of money in labour, as well as being safer than human handling.

Our experience in the field of overhead gantry cranes helps us develop top notch equipment to support airlines with the transportation of heavy material, assuring an efficient and safer way to work. A high quality overhead crane, along with a trained group of workers and an effective plan can optimise most processes carried out in any industry of any kind.

Top quality materials are a vital part of our overhead gantry cranes, promising a durable solution to any transportation problem in industries. Always open for future changes and knowing how fast technology evolves these days, we look for innovation in the world of crane systems.

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