Pallet Load Handling

Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

Sam Technology offers its customers a wide range of flexible and tailor-made AS/RS systems. These systems, provided with high-quality forks, handling systems, and software which are designed, developed, and produced give Sam Technology a unique competitive advantage. The systems can store a variety of loading units:

  • Pallets
  • Containers
  • Boxes
  • Other types of loading unit

Machinery includes

  • Stacker cranes
  • Miniload
  • Fast rotation storage
  • Multideep

These are coupled with

  • Pallet conveyor systems
  • Loading stations
  • AGVs /LGVs

02 Pallet Load Handling

Automatic Truck Loading and Unloading

When truck loading and turnaround times are critical, the design allows trucks to be fully loaded in second at the touch of a button.

A robust construction proven in tough operating conditions, the loading and unloading system can handle a variety of load types:

  • Pallets
  • Long Loads e.g. Steel Rods & Bars
  • RO/RO

Air Cargo Handling

Air cargo handling equipment is unique and requires special engineering to solve the handling requirements. Our in-house engineering design team have installed cargo handling solutions for major airlines, with the following equipment:

  • ULD Handling Conveyors
  • Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV)
  • Transfer Vehicles (TV)
  • Make Up and Breakdown Stations
  • Heavy Duty Rollers & Rotating Roller Mat


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