Workshop Capacity

Our Workshop Capacity

Schmidt and Muller Engineering is the main manufacturing and assembly factory of the Sam Technology Group, which is located at Smithfield, Sydney. The factory has conventional machine tools, CNC machine tool, fabrication and assembly bays.

The main assembly bay has a large lifting capacity. Schmidt and Muller have an ISO 9001-based quality assurance system. We are interested in supplying mechanical assemblies and components that require either or a combination of machining, fabrication, and assembly

Sam Technology is also manufacturing electrical and control cubicles at its Dandenong Factory. This includes Form 3, Electrical cubicles, junction boxes, and distribution boards. Sam Technology can either design and build, or just manufacture your electrical schematics. We also can program PLCs and set up variable speed drives of different brands

  • Shutdown/ Emergency Maintenance Work
  • Horizontal and Vertical Boring
  • Fabrication
  • Maintenance and Breakdown Work
  • All Types of Welding including Mig and Subarc
  • Machine Construction
  • Milling: Small, Medium and Large CNC Capacity
  • Mechanical, Electrical and control Engineering Services
  • Turning: Small, Medium and Large Capacity
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Design


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