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Test Equipment

A large range of test equipment is available for rolling stock manufacturers and railway maintenance companies.

Bogie testing rigs comprise different features to suit customer-specific requirements. The range consists of a modular system design. More complex systems measure tilting and skew aspects of the bogie. The resultant wheel loads, spring deflections, axle spacing, etc to be measured and recorded as the bogie is subjected to variable loads.

Spring tests are crucial to ensure the perfect functioning of the bogie. Both axle and traverse (horizontal) spring stiffness can be determined using the spring test press. The determination of a spring misalignment and the corresponding re-alignment when fitting it to the bogie prevents lateral forces from increasing under load. The running characteristics and derailment factors are thereby considerably improved.


  • Spring test
  • Bogie test


Jacking Systems

Underfloor lifting systems allow maintenance personnel to lift a trainset for the removal and replacement of bogies. The train set is elevated and electric or manual body supports are positioned to allow the bogie to be lowered and removed. This system provides a level flat workshop floor when it is not in use. Manual and automatic body support options are available.

We also produce an above-floor system which substantially reduces the civil work required for the system. Each elevating system comprises of two screw jacks and an adjustable body support claw. The screw jack system lowers the bogie whilst supported.

Mobile screw jacks: Travel on polyurethane or steel wheels. Mobile screw jacks are designed to lift wagons, passenger cars, and locomotives. Polyurethane wheel units travel on the workshop floor and steel wheels on rails on the floor surface. The travel motion is either manual or electric.

A double anvil system is also offered. This arrangement elevates the wagon and allows the bogie to be lowered. There is a central control panel that can individually or group the controls of the jack. Radio controls can also be provided.

Scissor lifts are hydraulically operated rail mounted or fixed installations. They are designed to remove bogies in a light maintenance bay. Rip Jacks Comprise of a hydraulic in floor system which are primarily used to remove wagon bogies from the pivot pin. They are supplied in pairs or assemblies of 4. The top of the lifting column is fitted with an adjustable anvil. Normal safety features such as crush prevention, load weighing, counter balance safety valves form part of the design. Anti lowering rack arrangement prevents the wagon from lowering if there is a hydraulic malfunction.


  • Underfloor and Above Floor Lifting Systems
  • Mobile Jacks
  • Scissor Lifts or Wheelsets
  • Rip Jacks


Wheel and Axle Presses

Wheelset presses are able to mount and dismount all of the elements on the axle (wheels, brake discs, gears, and bearings). Our large range of equipment can satisfy the varied customer requirements in both maintenance and manufacturing. For manufacturing or high-production capacity maintenance depots; a double-cylinder, or fully automatic wheel press can be provided.

For maintenance facilities where the output capacity is less single cylinder machines are offered.


  • Wheel Presses
  • Bearing Presses


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